Engineering Services for Power Transformers

Power transformers are an essential part of bulk power transmission, allowing high capacity lines and cables to delivery energy at voltages used by commercial and residential customers. PDC provides power engineering expertise, focusing on power transformers. Our engineer's strong focus in this area provides a depth required for the unique situations presented in the design, application, operation and maintenance of power transformers. PDC specializes in the areas of power transformer design and operating principles, including:
  • Transformer Thermal Modeling and Rating
  • Transformer Design and Design Analysis
  • On-site Inspections & Quality Control Audits of New & Rebuilt Transformers
  • Witness of Transformer Dielectric and Performance Characteristic Testing
  • Failure Investigation
  • Field Diagnostic Testing & Evaluation
  • Rectifier & Arc Furnace Transformer Design & Operation
  • LTC Application, Operation & Maintenance
PDC has been involved in several Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) projects. He developed and verified algorithms for the transformer-rating module in EPRI's Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating (DTCR) software and contributed to that software's development in other areas. He was one of the principal investigators working on revisions to EPRI's Power Transformer Loading (PTLOAD) program for performing design and planning studies on transformers, where he developed the bottom oil, bubble evolution and transformer aging models based on the IEEE C57.91-1995 standard. He also has been the principal investigator working on the EPRI XVisor Transformer Diagnostic expert system, including the development of a diagnostic model for assessing the condition of on-load tap changers (OLTCs), included the use of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) as a diagnostic tool in OLTCs.
Examples of projects include review and development of next generation thermal models for operating power transformers, review of supplemental cooling options for power transformers, thermal model of substation terminal equipment and development of online diagnostic and thermal performance software for power transformers.
PDC personnel have also been involved in field failure investigations of phase shifting transformers, GSUs, EHV power transformers, medium and small power transformers, and small distribution transformers. In addition to failure investigations, PDC engineers have performed plant QC audits, specification reviews and factory test witness reviews for various industrial and utility clients.