Overhead Transmission Lines - Design, Rating and Monitoring

Overhead lines represent the vast majority of transmission throughout the world, even as underground cable systems continue to be implemented in congested and sometimes high-profile areas. PDC offers engineering services to assist with the design, rating (including uprating), and monitoring overhead transmission lines in a variety of areas.
Some questions often asked during projects to assess these areas are:
  1. What conductors are normally used for overhead transmission lines?
  2. What special purpose conductors are widely available?
  3. What limits the flow of power through existing transmission circuits?
  4. How can I limit flashovers due to ice galloping?
  5. Do I have to be concerned about conductor annealing at high temperature?ow can I limit flashovers due to ice galloping
  6. What is real-time monitoring and how can it help me?
PDC also offers courses in overhead transmission. For additional information, please contact PDC's lead transmission line specialist, Dr. Dale A. Douglass.
Some frequently asked questions and related topics follow: