Operation & Maintenance
Transmission cables can provide 40 or more years reliable service, if operated within allowable temperatures and if properly maintained. Many utilities operate cable circuits that were installed decades ago, and the utility no longer has personnel familiar with the installation, operation, and maintenance of these cables. Frequently, O&M procedures have not been properly documented, and present utility operators do not have clear direction for the type and extent of required maintenance.
O&M Manuals: O&M manuals provide guideance to engineering staff, as well as operators, to know how to insure an available, reliable system. PDC engineers average more than 30 years experience in cable system O&M, and are pleased to share their experience through field work, manual preparation, and training.
Failure Mitigation: Cable electrical failures and hydraulic problems in HPFF and SCFF cables can take a long time to resolve. PDC has experience that we incorporate into O&M documents to assist the owner with resolving failures on cable systems, minimizing outage time and improving long-term reliability.
Diagnostic Services: PDC has done extensive laboratory and field testing of cable systems, in addition to participating in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment development and testing. Many types of diagnostic services can help identify potential problems before they happen, providing for improved system availability.
Fault Location: Although infrequent on transmission cables systems, failures occur, and distribution cable failures are a daily event at many utilities. PDC engineers have performed fault location on all system types and participated in the development of a reference manual for the Electric Power Research Institute to help in fault location diagnostics. This topic is critical to include in O&M procedures.
PDC services include:
For additional information on Operation and Maintenance services available from PDC, please contact Jay Williams.