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Experienced PDC engineers are teaching several courses this year that will benefit engineers and others working in underground and overhead electric power transmission systems.
The following summarizes our course schedule for 2018. The course catalog has recently been updated, so please refresh this webpage as needed. Courses are held at the Alden Beach Resort, 5900 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, Florida. A special rate is available to course attendees. Please contact the Alden Resort directly at 800-237-2530 and mention the PDC course.
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Power Cable Ratings and Soil Considerations

Underground cables generally have lower ratings than overhead lines, and the cost per ampere is much higher. Wind farms are using underground cables to collect power from distributed wind generation. From the standpoint of ratings, both over-designing and under-designing are very costly. So it is desirable to confidently rate the cables near their ultimate limit. Important issues include:

  • Ampacity audits and uprating
  • Soil dry-out - is it really an issue?
  • Shield/sheath bonding on XLPE cables
  • Fluidized Thermal Backfill™, other fills
  • Conductor size vs. additional special backfill
  • Temperature monitoring; dynamic rating

Dr. George Anders will speak on special topics, e.g.:

  • Effects of cable crossings
  • Deep cable ampacities
  • Cables in tunnels
  • Wind farms and Data Centers
  • Other special topics selected by students

And just introduced:

  • Demo of Thermal Property Analyzer (TPA)
  • Perform actual soil testing
  • Formulate FTB, concrete, thermal grout mix designs

[2.8 CEUs]

October 1-4, 2018



Extruded Dielectric Power Cable Systems - Design, Installation, Operation

Extruded-dielectric cables are now in service through 500 kV worldwide, and there are extensive installations in the United States at 345 kV. We will discuss design aspects, including analytical studies, installation considerations, factory and commissioning tests, general operation considerations, utility power system effects, and maintenance practices, focusing on XLPE-insulated cables as well as EPR-insulated cables. There will be special discussions of hybrid lines, where short sections of UG cables may be the only way a utility can permit a long OH line, as well as reconductoring existing pipes with XLPE or EPR cables. Enhanced to include more analytical calculations!

[2.1 CEUs]

October 10-12, 2018


Course Completed!

HPFF & HPGF Cable Systems - Design, Installation, Operation

This 3-day course focuses on the design, ampacity, specification, installation, uprating, maintenance practices, dielectric fluid-handling systems, and life evaluation of both high-pressure gas-filled (HPGF) cables and high-pressure fluid-filled (HPFF) cables. There are extensive slide presentations on cable manufacturing and pipe and cable installation. Topics include ampacity calculations, cathodic protection systems, pumping plant requirements, dissolved gas analysis (DGA), cable ampacity, uprating methods using fluid circulation and forced-cooling, relocation and extension of existing lines, and many other topics relevant to pipe-type cables including several presentations on state-ofthe-art trenchlesswater crossings. Enhanced to include more analytical calculations!

[2.1 CEUs]

October 17-19, 2018


Course Completed!

Live Line Maintenance: Principles and Practices

This course provides information for utilities or contractors considering implementing live line maintenance practices on overhead transmission lines up to 765 kV. The history, tools, and theory, as well as industry best practices and the economic value of live working will be covered. The procedures for calculating minimum approach distances, designing structures to be live work friendly and overvoltage controls, an in-depth review of IEEE 516-2009 as well as a review of the recent OSHA changes will be included.

[2.1 CEUs]

October 22-24, 2018


Course Canceled

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