Distribution Cable Ampacity Project

Project for Distribution Systems Testing Application and Research (DSTAR)
PDC designed a distribution cable test site in the Arizona desert to evaluate buried cable temperatures and ratings. The effects of mutual heating at cable crossings and on risers was also studied.
A key part of the project was to evaluate cable crossings. Various thermal models have been developed over the years for cable crossings, but experimental data is the best way to evaluate the mutual heating effects. An intensive array of thermocouples were placed at various locations near and on the cables to measure temperatures.
In addition to evaluating buried cables, one goal of the project was to study the temperatures of cables on risers. Various types of conduit systems and protection schemes for risers are applied at utilities. A configuration common to Arizona Public Service's distribution system was used.  Arizona Public Service and DSTAR sponsored this project.
If you would like to know more, please contact John Cooper at PDC or Reigh Walling at DSTAR.