Power Delivery Consultants, Inc. (PDC) specializes in providing engineering services to clients working with underground, submarine, and aerial electric power cable systems, overhead lines and related equipment, and transformers. Our staff of engineers averages over 35 years experience with background in manufacturing, application engineering, utility systems, R&D and industrials. We can provide engineering services to assist with the design or modification of existing distribution and transmission circuits, ampacity calculations, uprating of older lines including an evaluation of remaining life, and field testing services.
Our experienced staff provides a wide range of services to the electric utility industry. Areas in which we have industry-accepted expertise include:
PDC engineers have been responsible for a great deal of the original research and development work on overhead line uprating and monitoring, underground cable installation and operation, transformer ratings, software, laboratory research, and field services. This R&D work has been conducted for EPRI and others.