PDC engineers provide our clients in the electric utility industry with practical, state-of-the-art engineering guidance. PDC's clients benefit from our many years of experience with utility projects, our extensive activities with technical societies such as the IEEE Towers, Poles and Conductors Committee, Insulated Conductors Committee and Transformers Committee as well as CIGRE Study Committees 21 and 22, and our key roles in much of the important transmission system research in the United States.
PDC's staff members and our associates have authored or co-authored literally hundreds of IEEE papers, articles, books, and EPRI reports on electric power transmission and distribution, and our experts are frequently invited to lecture or take part in courses on these topics. They have written major sections of the McGraw Hill Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers and the EPRI Red Book on overhead transmission systems, and have written major portions of the 1992 EPRI Underground Transmission Systems Reference Book as well as the 2007 update.
PDC is the only firm that has longstanding experience in specialized analytical calculations such as impedances, magnetic fields, sheath voltage calculations, ampacity analysis, pulling tension and sidewall pressure analysis, hydraulic calculations, etc. We literally "wrote the book" on some of these topics and have prepared original software for the analyses.
The extensive practical and field experience available from our engineers is complemented by availability of associate consultants who specialize in field installation and construction supervision.