Our 2018 Course offerings have been posted! Please note that several of our most popular courses have been enhanced to include more analytical calculations. As always, contact us at any time to arrange for a custom training course taught at your location. An on-site course also offers the opportunity for us to review your system and tailor the course to your particular needs.

Power Delivery Consultants, Inc. is an engineering-consulting firm with a highly experienced staff that provides specialized consulting services for overhead lines, underground transmission cables, and power transformers. Services run the full spectrum from initial planning through O&M support.

Contacting Us

PDC's main office is located in Connecticut; we have satellite offices New Hampshire and South Carolina, and associates located throughout the eastern United States. Please contact Jay Williams at j.williams@pdc-cables.com, Telephone 860-322-4055. Further details on contacting selected PDC staff can be found on the Locations page.